Some of the Sunrises and Sunsets at Skyranch


Located in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California,  Skyranch was named for the open sky that we share with the Red Tail Hawks, the beautiful Sunrises, and spectacular Sunsets.  We also share this beautiful spot with our Danes and Cats.  Skyranch is above the heat of the valley during the summer and the fog of the winter.

Our Danes are pets first, show dogs second. 


                    ~  Sailor  ~                                        ~  Sage  ~


Proud member of the  Great Dane Club of Northern California. 


  ď To love a Dane is to love humor and destruction,

  kisses and drool, fur covered clothes and never a

  moment alone.   To own a Dane is to own a natural

  disaster, a piece of heaven, a glimpse of hell.   To

  have a Dane is to have patience and insanity, peace

  and chaos.    They are like the winds blowing wildly in

  the storm and like grains of sand slipping through our

  fingers.   To lose a Dane is to lose your heart, to lose

  your ground, to lose faith and to lose ones self.   To

  those who donít own a Dane, we are crazy, silly,

  brave, confident, rich and poor.   We look crazy with

  fur covered shirts and slobber covered pants, but our

  hearts are full.   To see us with our giants is awe

  striking to those who have never lived with one, but

  little do they know, we are holding onto a piece of

  paradise and for only a glimmer of time.  "  


        (Unknown author )  



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